About the Production

About Pendragon: Production

The Team

For the past four years, our family's goal has been to inspire Christians to embrace God's purpose for their lives - to take up the world-changing task that God has for them. To that end, we are leveraging one of the most heart-penetrating forces of our time: film.

The Pendragon Team started as a group of two homeschooling families - nine cousins and their parents. We set out believing that the Lord had called us to make a Christ-centered, period action film on a scale we could scarcely comprehend. We began with little more than the idea and the willingness to try, and as we struggled forward, God provided the resources and the grace to see the vision through to the end.

As the "Pendragon Project" expanded, God answered our prayers by sending countless volunteers to join our team. We were blessed with crew members, camera operators, extras, stunt men, choreographers, construction volunteers, land owners, musicians, composers, editors, artists, and horsemen from all over the continent – every one in answer to a specific prayer. As we followed our vision through to completion, we watched God provide in amazing ways.

The Project

Filmed in five states with a cast of over four hundred extras, Pendragon is the first independent Christian film of its kind. What began as a family’s dream quickly expanded into a full-scale period epic.

The Story (Spoiler warning)

Pendragon is set in Britain’s Dark Ages, as the Legions are leaving to defend Rome and the Saxon barbarians are invading. The film is the compelling story of a young man who faces the reality of an army ravaging his homeland. As the story unfolds, Artos encounters increasingly difficult challenges – the death of his family, defeat on the battle field, betrayal by his commander, and the loss of the girl he loves. Through it all he clings to one truth: Artos believes that what God calls men to do, He gives them the grace to accomplish.

The Production

In period action films, the props, sets, and costumes are one of the most appealing and challenging elements. The Pendragon production design and costume department was at work for months before the filming began, creating hundreds of period outfits, complete with weapons and armor for all the main actors and extras. Any props that couldn’t be borrowed, scavenged from yard sales, or purchased on e-bay were custom-made: from functional trebuchets to Saxon shields.

The bulk of the filming was done in sets specially constructed for the project – including the full-scale British village built behind the Burns’ home in Michigan. Filming took place in dozens of locations across the span of two years. Eventually, over six hundred individuals were involved in nearly sixteen weeks of shooting.

The postproduction (editing, visual effects, sound, and score) brought together a team from all over the nation, with collaborators in Michigan, Illinois, Oklahoma, and Texas working all hours of the day and night for almost three months.

Throughout the project – from the very beginning – it has been incredible to see God’s hand at work. When faced with daunting challenges, often so far beyond our strength and abilities, we have been amazed over and over again to see Him fill each need.

The Vision

Once it was said that the pen was mightier than the sword. Today, feature films are shaping cultural norms and ways of thinking. It is our prayer that through Pendragon, other Christians and homeschoolers would be inspired to live bold, vibrant, lives for Jesus Christ.

Through Pendragon’s epic battle scenes and horse chases shines the story of a young man whose life was changed when he submitted himself to God’s plan. Although it is set in a distant time and a faraway place, Pendragon is more than just an exciting historical fantasy - it tells a story that is essential to Christian families today.

At Burns Family Studios, we are committed to producing quality, Christ-centered action adventure films, because we believe stories can touch hearts, and Christ can change lives. Our goal is to reach as many individuals, families, and churches with Pendragon’s message as we can.

We hope that you will join with us in communicating these important truths.