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Jan. 5th, 2010

Pendragon on CBN!

Nov. 2th, 2009

Pendragon Scores Again

And the Nevada Film Festival Golden Reel Award goes to…Pendragon: Sword of His Father!”Pendragon’s win at the Nevada Film Festival this past month marked the seventh time Pendragon has been awarded top honors in national and international film festivals. In addition to “Best of Show” and “Best Family Film” awards, Pendragon has been recognized for its technical excellence, acting, costuming, and directing – 14 awards and recognitions in all.

Here is a recap of the past ten months’ successes:

Saint Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival, January 2009, Semi Finalist

Attic Film Festival, February 2009, Best Technical Achievement

Bare Bones Film Festival, April 2009, Best Family Film

Bare Bones Film Festival, April 2009, Best Young Actor

Bare Bones Film Festival, April 2009, Best Costume

Southeast New England Film Festival, May 2009, Best Director

Indie Distribution Festival, May 2009, Best of Show

Detroit Windsor International, June 2009, Official Selection

International Youth Film Festival UK, July 2009, Official Selection

Ferndale Film Festival, July 2009, Official Selection

Southern Winds Film Festival, July 2009, Official Selection

Prince Edward Island, Aug 2009, Official Selection

Nevada Film Festival, September 2009, Golden Reel Award

ICM Movie of the Year, October 2009, Finalist

Nov. 2th, 2009

Coming November 15th - Pendragon: Journey Behind the Scenes

“Two and a half years ago my sister Sara and cousin Shannon came to me with the idea of taking the pictures and blog posts they were writing and turning them into a book chronicling the making of Pendragon. A book that would capture the essence of this project and convey the passions, hopes, fears and victories of the people who poured their lives into the work…” Chad Burns, Director Months of writing and re-writing and dozens of edits later, just such a book is nearing completion. With hundreds of never-before-released photos and exclusive cast and crew interviews, this full color 112 page book tells the definitive behind-the-scenes story of Pendragon: Sword of His Father. For the first time, readers can experience what goes into the production of an independent Christian period epic, and catch a glimpse of the vision behind this groundbreaking film. Check out these Sneak Previews:

The book will be exclusively available from the Pendragon Website. It goes on sale November 15. Mark your calendars!

Oct. 21th, 2009

The State of the Hillfort – a word from Artos

The Pendragon team has had a busy summer – but so much different than last year! Rather than building sets and shooting horse chases, we have be traveling to conferences, doing radio and TV interviews, writing a book…and trying to catch up on everything that got pushed out of the way during last season’s production.

A few evenings ago, I took a stroll out to the hillfort set. Wow - things have changed! Last summer, the fort fell to the Saxon Barbarians. This year, it was overrun with invaders of a different sort. Where Saxons and Britons once battled for the fate of a nation, vines, weeds, snakes, bugs, and a toad have taken up residence. All is quiet where once the battering ram thundered against the gates. Now, the only sound is me trying to fire up the weed whacker…

It has been so neat to watch the Lord’s hand at work during this past year. We have seen the humble efforts of two families make an impact far bigger that we thought possible. The Lord has answered our prayers in ways we never dreamed possible.

Pendragon has garnered media attention all across America. It’s for sale in most U.S. Christian books store, and will be selling in Australia and South Africa this Christmas as well!

It has been so encouraging to talk to talk to people who have been inspired by Pendragon. Comments like “I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all that you are doing to make uplifting Christian films” or “The Lord used [Pendragon] to help me realize my need to stand up as a man of God, and to see His plan in my life” make the struggles and trials of last year all seem so worth it!

We are so thankful to everyone who had a part in the production of Pendragon, and to the Lord for allowing us to be a part of His plan. We have been thrilled to watch His hand at work this past year, and are excited about what He has in store for the future. Remember, “The One who gave the vision still calls!”

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